“Pray America Great: Joining the Prayer Force of Heaven” Prayer Call Replay,  June 10th, 2023

We were very privileged to have prayer activist, Donica Hudson, share with us today in our Kingdom Ambassador Fellowship a prayer strategy guaranteed to impact the United States (or any nation) for the Kingdom of God.

AMERICA IS IN A COSMIC GLOBAL CONFLICT where every dominant world power conspires to see her fall as the world leader economically and militarily.

This will only happen if she is spiritually defeated. Consequently, the battle to take her down intensifies.

Fueled with global elite money, homegrown terrorist groups like antifa and Black Lives Matter burn Bibles, American flags, and buildings;

America’s Constitution is labeled racist, mainstream media stokes hatred for her; and socialists, Shariah law advocates, and globalists are elected into office.

Meanwhile, the Church has quietly accepted its lot with muzzles and masks as the World Economic Forum brazenly advances its “Great Reset” aimed at bringing America into a New World Order and one-world government.

If you’d like to hear more, you won’t want to miss this powerful teaching!

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