Prayer Call Replay “The Sheet From Heaven That Changed the World” – March 11th, 2023

We have invited Pastor Steve Heimbichner to speak this week on Peter’s vision of a sheet that came down from heaven containing many inedible (unclean) creatures and Peter was commanded to eat them.

There has been much confusion surrounding this vision and what it really means.

Was it about food?

Was it about gentiles?

Or was there a much deeper revelation than what is traditionally taught, that pertains to your life personally?

Pastor Steve will unpack for us this week the mystery of the Sheet from Heaven.

You won’t want to miss this teaching and prayer time with others in small groups.

If you have been attending our weekly KAF meetings, you will no doubt recognize Pastor Steve.

He has been a regular on our KAF meetings, and almost every week in the final feedback time, participants who have been in Pastor Steve’s small groups share prophetic words, powerful prayer, and encouragement Pastor Steve gave them and other participants in the small group.

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