Prayer Call Replay “Religion: The Greatest Hindrance to a Deep Relationship with God” – December 3rd, 2022

We know that we are in a major transition from the Christian religion into the Kingdom of God.

But what exactly is the Christian religion?

You might actually be much more religious than you think!

I know, I know: most of us think that we are not at all religious, but are focused on our relationship with God.

“This will be a good teaching for others, who are stuck in religion.,” we think. “But I am free and already have a great relationship with God.”

This week I realized how quickly my natural mind can take a principle from the word of God and turn it into a religious rule I then try to fulfill in the power of my own strength.

That is Religion rather than Relationship.

In the teaching you will learn:
-How quickly we can be deceived by religion
-The difference between the natural mind and the mind of the spirit
-How to perceive in the spirit rather than reason in the mind
-How we easily rebuild religious soul structures in the mind even after they have already once been torn down
-How to fully move into relationship with God in His Kingdom

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