Prayer Call Replay “3 Keys to Thrive in This Time of Transition” November 12th, 2022

I believe that we are currently in a major time of transition in many arenas.

There is a huge transition taking place in the body of Messiah from the Christian religion back into the Kingdom of God.

We are currently in the time of transition from this present age into the age of Messiah’s return.

In each transition time, there is always much crisis, volatility and turmoil.

However, every crisis and transition time is accompanied by both threat and opportunity.

For those who have eyes to see the opportunity and who have prepared accordingly, this coming time of volatility and transition could be the greatest time of your life to thrive and prosper in your personal life, ministry, and business.

Those who only see the threat will not likely prepare and will instead be consumed with fear, anxiety, and lack. This may be the worst time of their lives.

As I was seeking the Lord about this transition time in which we find ourselves, God gave me three keys to thrive rather than perish in the turmoil and transition, which is the topic of this weekend’s message.

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