This is the replay of the live prayer call teaching with Craig Hill and special guest speaker Steve Heimbichner, which was recorded on March 6th, 2021.

Web Sites of Interest

  1. Pastor Steve Heimbichner’s website:

[email protected]

  1. Book Recommended: The Messianic Church Arising by Robert Heidler

  1. Craig Hill’s books: The Power of a Parents’ Blessing and others:

  1. Sign up for Craig Hill’s free 5-minute daily video devotional DAILY SPIRIT AND TRUTH:

  1. Partner Site for Family Foundations International
  1. Intercessors for America Prayer Site
  1. Dutch Sheets

Also download “Dutch Sheets – Give Him 15” app on your mobile device from the App store.

  1. Mark Virkler’s Video on Speaking in Tongues
  1. Staying Free of Covid: Dr. Simone Gold –
  1. Karl Mark Quotes on Religion:

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