Many believers seem to be quite ignorant of the current strategy of Lucifer to supplant everything God has created on earth and establish his own alternate reality.

I have realized that for everything that God is doing, Satan has a counterfeit reality that looks very similar to God’s truth.

Many people seem to have very little discernment regarding the things of God and the counterfeits of Lucifer and his followers.

I have been shocked to see many Christians accepting and supporting Luciferian doctrines, policies and practices in the name of unity, equality, tolerance, or public safety, having no idea who or what is behind these ideas.

The Bible tells us that in the last days, many will fall away from following the Lord. While we know that this will happen, I just want to make sure that none of our FFI family around the world are the ones who are deceived and buy into the enemy’s strategies.

About a year ago God gave me a revelation from Deuteronomy 6:4 (The SHEMA) that I had never seen before.

I taught this revelation last year in July. However, I have not spoken about it since that time, and I think that it is time we revisit this teaching. Lucifer’s counterfeit reality is accelerating right before our eyes.

In this particular passage is THE FOUNDATIONAL KEY that God instructed His people to teach to their children day and night!

This passage holds the key to understand and defeat Satan’s counterfeit reality that is being promoted so broadly all around the world.

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