Prayer Call Replay “God’s Ancient Path to Food Freedom” – March 5th 2022

With Special Guest Speaker – Dr. Cheryl Townsley

Why do I say that eating is more spiritual than praying?

Because in the very beginning of man’s relationship with God, in Genesis 1 and 2, death and life were determined by food choices, not by prayer choices.

Adam and Eve were instructed to distinguish the difference between holy and common food, and to treat as holy unto the Lord that which God said was holy.

Spiritual and physical death entered the world as a result of man’s refusal to honor God’s instruction pertaining to the eating of food.

Later in the book of Daniel, the primary attack of the enemy to disconnect the identity of Daniel and his 3 friends from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was not about praying, but rather was about eating.

Eating and food choice has not been a very important issue in the Christian church but is a key issue in the Kingdom of God, and is something Kingdom Ambassadors must understand.

The battle in the beginning of this age was about eating and so it will be again in the end of this age (I Timothy 4:1-3).

If God has an Ancient Path pertaining to eating and food, would you want to know about it?

Well, He does, and that is what Dr. Cheryl Townsley taught us in our FFI Global Ambassadors’ Fellowship meeting earlier today.

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