Prayer Call Replay “Meekness: Your Key to Inherit the Land”- March 12th 2022

We are beginning a brand new teaching series this week on the Ancient Path of Meekness.

Whatever you fail to manage will ultimately manage or control you: Money, food, sexual appetite, children, time.

God has an Ancient Path of personal life management called Meekness.

But most people have no idea what it means to be meek.

Meekness has nothing to do with weakness or humility.

Actually meekness is a fruit of power.

Yeshua was spoken of as being meek, but not because He was impotent or just a really “nice guy.”

He governed in great power and great authority, and wasn’t always that nice. “You brood of vipers…”

He spoke to the religious leaders.

Another time He overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple.How on earth is that behavior a demonstration of meekness?

To learn about the true Biblical meaning of the quality of meekness just watch the video above!

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