Prayer Call Replay “Prepare for Shortages Without Fear” – July 9th, 2022

Dutch Sheets recently wrote: “For several months, I have been concerned about likely international food shortages in the near future. Financial experts, farmers, and prophets are now predicting this.”

In the teaching this week, Dr. Cheryl Towsley addressed the following problems:

· What if there is a 1-week food shortage due to fuel costs?

· What is the difference in preparedness and hoarding?

· How can you prepare on a budget?

· What if you feel you have no margin – what can you do?

· How do you resist the fear?

· What if there are no shortages?

Preparedness is a mindset, it’s not just an activity for emergencies.

Lastly, check out the special offer Forest and Cheryl made at the end of their presentation for their awesome online course, TIME TO MOVE!

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