Prayer Call Replay “Seek First the Kingdom of God” – January 21st, 2023

Who actually seeks first the Kingdom of God?

The answer is that only an ambassador of a nation sets as top priority the business of the nation he/she represents.

While citizens of a nation may certainly enjoy the benefits of their citizenship, a private citizen certainly does not seek as a priority the interests, policies, or business of his nation.

I have traveled to many nations of the world. However, while I am a citizen of the United States, I have never concerned myself with the interests or business of the United States in any of my travels.

WHY NOT? Because as a private citizen that is not my calling or my job. That is the job of the Ambassador from the United States to that other nation.

If you are born again, you are definitely a CITIZEN of the Kingdom of God.

But citizens of a kingdom, don’t seek first the business or interests of the kingdom.

Only an Ambassador does that!

Am I a citizen or an ambassador of the Kingdom of God?
That’s what I taught on in our Kingdom Ambassador Fellowship online today..

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