Prayer Call Replay ‘Understanding God’s Will For Your Life” – November 19th, 2022

Was it God’s will for Judas to betray Yeshua?

If you had lived in Bible times, and Judas came to you for counsel, asking if he should betray Yeshua or not, what would you have told him?

How could you advise him to betray Yeshua to be committed into the hand of those who want to unjustly kill Him? Is that really God’s will?

On the other hand, if you tell him not to betray Yeshua, are you standing against God’s will for Messiah to die to redeem us all from sin?

So, are you fulfilling the will of God by advising Judas to betray Yeshua or not to betray Yeshua?

The answer to this question about Judas is determined by understanding what the “will of God” actually means according to the Bible.

Most believers think they know what the will of God means, but again, many just believe what they have been taught but have never actually learned the meaning of the words used in the Bible for the will of God.

Once you understand the actual Bible meaning, you will easily be able to answer the question about whether it was the will of God for Judas to betray Messiah or not.

You will also learn how to understand God’s will for your own life in many specific areas.

Is it possible for man to block or delay the will of God from taking place on earth?

Is it always God’s will to heal you of sickness and disease?

If it is, then why are you not already healed?

Join us for the Kingdom Ambassadors’ Fellowship teaching to find out the answers to these questions and much more!

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