Prayer Call Replay “Victory in the 3 Key Battlegrounds of Life” – September 10th, 2022

This week there are two parts to the teaching message (combined together in this video). Jan and I are traveling in Egypt this week. Unfortunately, the power went out in our hotel room and shut down the lights and internet in the middle of the teaching.

We were able to get back on with my cell phone, but the recording ended and had to be restarted for the second part. So make sure to listen to part 1 and part 2 of the message.

In a physical war, the primary battle is over the key strategic positions.

The strategy of any invading army is to capture the means of communication, airfields, bridges, and roads.

If these strategic positions can be captured or destroyed the defending army will have little chance of winning.

I have discovered that there are 3 key strategic positions in your life that the enemy desperately battles to capture.

The 3 strategic battlegrounds of life that the enemy desperately fights to capture are:

1. Your mind (thoughts and imaginations)

2. Your heart (attitudes and emotions)

3. Your tongue (words)

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