Prayer Call Replay “Wealth is Attracted to the Meek!” – March 19th, 2022

Matthew 5:5 tells us that the meek will be blessed and inherit the land.

Those who have learned to be meek in their finances will inherit the land of wealth.

This week, we’ll talk more about what it means to have margins in your finances and to position yourself to build wealth.

Whenever economic shaking comes to a nation or a region, wealth always transfers from the indebted to the financially MEEK.

It is no mystery that we are very likely headed for greater global inflation in the short term, followed by a significant shaking and economic decline.

Whenever there is economic shaking there are always unprecedented opportunities that are available only to the meek, to those who have some margins in their finances.

Learn what you need to do now to position yourself to be on the receiving end of the coming wealth transfer and to take advantage of the unfolding opportunities.

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