In Genesis 12:1-9, God promised Abram that he would be the father of many nations. He promised that He would give the land to his offspring, which would be as numerous as the stars of the heavens. It was not until twenty-five years later (Genesis 21) that Abraham saw fulfilled even the initial stages of what God had said. As leaders, we must be willing to accept God’s timetable. Perhaps you have experienced this waiting on God for His will to come to pass. We are eager to see the promises of God fulfilled quickly, but often they are slow to mature. We must allow God all the time necessary to bring things to pass.

When God has called you and given you a specific ministry, it is important that you understand how He works collectively. There will be times when you have prayed something through and really believe you have received God’s heart on the matter. It will then probably be your desire to implement that idea immediately. It is important that you understand when you are working on a team, there will be times when you will have to put something on hold and continue to pray until God speaks the same thing, pertaining to that specific matter, to all those involved in decision making. It is times such as these that teach us to work together as the Body of Christ. Far too often, people choose to just go their own way if others do not do what they believe to be right. Our Lord is teaching His Body how to work as one and the hour of ultimatums is over. If you know you are called to a specific place and ministry, then you must constantly seek the Lord as to how to function in that place. It is not a case of “do it my way or I’ll leave.” Leave you must, if God calls you elsewhere. Stay you must, if He does not. The key is being obedient to Him.


In bringing us to trust totally on Him alone, God often kicks out any props on which we are leaning. In scripture, we read that God took Gideon from a resource of thirty-two thousand men to only three hundred men (Judges 7:1-7), that He might prove to him that it was not by his strength, but by the Lord’s that the battle was won. You must allow Him this same freedom in your lives as leaders, so that He may show Himself strong on your behalf. This may mean doing things in a way that you have never done them before. It may mean delegating areas that you have previously felt you had to do. Whatever form it takes, be sensitive to what God is doing and allow Him freedom to move.


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