Prayer Call Replay “Ten Practical Principles to Walk in God’s Threshold Covenant” – April 8th, 2023

Passover was the night in which God passed over the threshold of the homes of His people in Egypt to declare His sovereignty and lead them out of their slavery, and sent the army (death angel) into the homes of his enemies where no blood was poured out at the threshold of their dwellings.

I taught extensively on this last week in our Kingdom Ambassador Fellowship.

This week I did a followup message outlining 10 key principles from the book of James on how to practically walk with God in our threshold covenant.

For lack of understanding these ten principles of covenant, Israel spent 40 years wandering in the wilderness.

It is my prayer that your learning these ten principles from the book of James will spare you many delays in the advancement of your destiny.

In addition to the ten covenant principles, in this teaching I will also show you three immutable qualities of God’s character revealed in James 1 that will fill your heart with joy and excitement about God!

Please watch the replay to learn more.

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