“The Fear of the Lord: Release 7 Powerful Benefits Into Your Life” Prayer Call Replay,  August 12th, 2023

Psalm 25 and Proverbs 16 tell us that the following seven benefits will be given to the person who walks in the Fear of the Lord.

  1. God will instruct you in His ways.
  2. Your soul will prosper. Then, so will the rest of your life (3 John 2).
  3. Your children will inherit the land of their destiny.
  4. God will share His secrets with you.
  5. You will come to know by experience His Covenant faithfulness.
  6. You will be delivered form the snares and traps of the enemy.
  7. You will be kept away from evil.

When the Church begins to fear the Lord again, the world will begin to fear the Church again!

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