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Whether you realize it or not, every day you answer two critical questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” You answer these based upon pre-existing images deep inside your heart. And those images determine the way you respond to life’s circumstances.

“Who am I?” pertains to identity. Simply stated, it’s an individual’s perception of herself or himself. The primary issue at stake is perceived value or worth of one’s self. It’s the way you feel about yourself when you stare at the reflection in the mirror.

The second question “Why am I here?” pertains to destiny. This has to do with your perception of your function and significance on earth. The primary issue at stake is purpose. Without a purpose or vision people become unrestrained; drawn by the desires of the flesh hoping to find the fulfillment that only God can provide.

God’s intention has always been for your image of value and purpose to come from Him. He even appointed special agents to ensure that His message, not the devil’s, would be revealed in your heart. And while many people may influence your life, the agents God anointed to impart identity and destiny are not angels, teachers, coaches, or pastors. They are parents.

If, as a parent, you do nothing else, I encourage you to make sure and impart God’s message of identity and destiny to your children during their growing-up years. You can do it; God has anointed you to speak for Him and you can bless your children with the right message.

If your children are adults, don’t give up; it is not too late. They still need to hear your words of blessing more now than ever before. It will change their life.

I’ll be writing about God’s image versus the Devil’s image in my next blog.


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