k6uer5q3Every parent, regardless of the age of their children, should ask themselves this question: “Am I imparting God’s message or Satan’s message of identity and destiny to my children?”

“I would never impart the devils message,” you say. Not knowingly, perhaps.

For example, a father might say, “Why can’t you be more like your brother?” With those words he just devalued, or more accurately, cursed his son. Was that message from God or from Satan?

A mother might say to a daughter, “Your father really wanted a boy.” Imagine the pain of the daughter who is now trying to be daddy’s little boy instead of daddy’s little girl, a role she was never created by God to fulfill.

Words have power. The words the devil wants you to speak to your children makes them feel unloved, worthless and inadequate. The words that God wants you to speak demonstrate unconditional love, worth, value, belonging and destiny.

So, how do we as parents bless our children and avoid cursing them? It begins by learning to recognize the difference. That is why I wrote the book, The Power of a Parents Blessing. It’s not about doing it perfectly; I have certainly made many of the mistakes I write about. But if you recognize a mistake that has been made, you can correct it and bless your child instead.


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