GateMathew 12:29 says, “How can anyone enter the strong man’s house and carry off his property, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his house.”

The Greek word translated, “house,” in this scripture does not refer to a physical dwelling but to the family.  When the enemy comes to plunder your house, he’s not after your stuff; he is after you and your children.

Whether parents realize it or not, they are the “strongmen,” or the gatekeepers of the home.  They are the ones that determine what is allowed through the door into their hearts and lives and those of their children.

Satan is a legalist.  He understands the universal laws of God and the principles of authority.  He knows that he cannot plunder the life of a child without first disarming or distracting the strongman who has been given authority and power by God.

His tactic is simple; use a parent’s strong desire to protect their children against them.  He delights in shinning a bright light on the importance of a safe physical environment and keeping the essential need for spiritual protection hidden in the dark.

Power_of_a_Paren_514a45f1128b1Things like car seats, safety latches, bicycle helmets, safe classrooms and home security systems are all very important.  We are constantly encouraged to implement these by authorities, advertisers and peers, whom by the way, like to infer that we are poor parents if we fail this responsibility in any way.

However, the truth is that they all pale in comparison to the essential spiritual protection and safety that the strongman of the home should provide.  As parents, let’s make sure that we are not so focused on the important that we sacrifice the essential.

Read more about the Strongman Principle and how to protect your children spiritually in The Power of a Parents Blessing, pg. 56-62. It’s essential!  You can download or order the book from the store.


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