eulogy“Am I still needed? Have I really accomplished anything of significance? Has my life made a difference?” These are the questions that every grandparent is secretly asking and it may surprise you to learn that the answers can only come from their children.

At the end of life, what the world thinks or says about your parents will no longer matter to them. Whether they were famous and powerful or lived their life in obscurity, what you think and say about them is all that will matter. They long for your acceptance, admiration, appreciation and love.

When a parent dies, most children look back and remember the good in their life. They know their mom or dad wasn’t perfect but somehow those memories are overshadowed. In their eulogia they speak of their parents with compassion and appreciation. But the truth is; that’s too late.

I encourage you to take the time to speak a blessing over your parents while they are still here. Find the good in their lives and then with your words and actions tell them, “Thank you.” It will mean more to them than you can possibly imagine and at the same time it will open the door of blessing for you.

Remember, it’s not about whether they deserve it or not. If any of us got what we deserved, we would all be in trouble. Separate you parents’ faults from who they are and honor them. You’ll be blessed. (Exodus 20:12)


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