“Three Keys to Financial Abundance Pt. 3” Prayer Call Replay,  June 24th, 2023

I have many times used the parable of three families living along three rivers.

People who live on the first river consistently experience a lack of water in their river and are in constant danger of not having enough water to survive.

Those who live on the second river usually have enough to meet their needs, but not ever more than just enough.

People who live on the third river experience an abundance of water flowing down their river and are able to use water for many projects other than just meeting their own personal needs.

Third river dwellers think about and utilize available water (money) entirely differently than those living on the first and second rivers.

So, the obvious question is: How do I change my thinking and move from the first or second river to living in the abundance of the third river?

If you’d like to hear more, you won’t want to miss this powerful teaching!

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