Whether you realize it or not, everyday you answer two critical questions. 1) Who am I? and 2) Where am I going? We answer these questions based upon preexisting images already established deep inside. How we have answered these questions determines the way we respond to life’s circumstances.

The first question, “Who am I?” pertains to what we call IDENTITY. Identity very simply stated is my perception of me. The primary issue at stake is dealing with identity is VALUE: “What am I worth?” So when we speak about identity, we are speaking about my perception of myself and the value of my life and being.

The second question, “Where am I going?” pertains to DESTINY. Destiny has to do with my perception of my function and significance on this earth. The primary issue at stake in dealing with destiny is PURPOSE: “Why am I here?” What am I supposed to do? Identity and destiny are key qualities, which God intended for us to have correctly imparted and established in all our lives.

The course for our adult lives is set through this impartation of identity and destiny, which we received while growing up as children. The two components of Identity and destiny are key to healthy personal development and life-long success. Unfortunately for many, people who don’t understand the principles of BLESSING AND CURSING, Satan has gained access to provide his answer to these two key questions.

The reality is that only God can give you the truth in answer to the questions about identity and destiny. Any other answer you get from other people, circumstances, or your own heart, are lies. Would you take some time today to ask God these two questions: “Father, who am I?” and “Father, what is my purpose in life?”

For a more in-depth understanding of how identity and destiny are connected to blessing and cursing read my book, The Ancient Paths.


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