parents-are-coveringI’m sure most believers would agree that God intended for our children to be blessed and protected from the very moment of conception. Yet, many don’t recognize the value of the protective measures that God put in place to insure that their children would be blessed.

First, the covenant of marriage is designed by God to protect children at conception and in the womb from demonic influence. In the ancient Hebrew culture in the days of Jesus, almost no children were conceived outside of the protective covenant of marriage due to the severe penalty for fornication or adultery – being stoned to death. While I’m not suggesting that we return to that penalty today, it is obvious that we, in our society have a wide open door for the enemy to devastate many children even from before birth. (If you would like more information on how to change this, see my book The Power of a Parent’s Blessing.)

Second, children should be seen as a blessing not a curse. Psalm 127:3-5 says that children are a gift from God, a reward. And blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. Unfortunately, even among believers, children are often seen as a bother, a burden, a nuisance, and a financial drain. And those attitudes can open the door for the enemy to curse the life of an unwanted child with powerful feelings of rejection. Or even worse, this attitude can become the justification for abortion.

Third, God intended for marriage to last a life time. It’s within the sanctity of marriage that children find stability and security. There is no greater gift that parents can give their children than to love each other and stay married. Don’t believe that? Then read these excerpts from a recent article by Jim Daly of Focus on the Family. Even the world knows the real truth.

Associated-Press/MTV poll of young people is evidence that the coarseness of American culture hasn’t eroded away the simple truth that families matter to children and young adults.

The survey, which made headlines across the country, found that the No. 1 thing young people 13-24 desire to make them happy is more time with their families.

These findings quantify in numbers what we have long known in our hearts and seen in our own experience: a nurturing family environment is the most important thing we can offer our kids. Money, cars, fame, friends, ‘good times’ – none of those things matter as much to them as knowing they are loved and protected at home.

The study also found that sex outside of marriage is hardly the source of adolescent or young-adult happiness. Among 13 to 17-year-olds, being sexually active actually leads to less happiness, according to the poll.

This may come as news to many in a culture that sells sex as voraciously as ours, but it is no surprise to us at Focus on the Family. We’ve studied the scientific literature, we’ve heard from the young people who regret having sex outside of marriage, and we know the devastating effect it has on them – not just physically but emotionally.”

What we’re seeing expressed here is a longing for the stability that comes from an intact family.


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