badgeIf God knows and understands all, exercises perfect wisdom and holds all the power to act upon that information, then why should I pray?  Why on earth would God want or need a middle man when Jesus is forever interceding for us at the right hand of the Father?

That’s a good question, and one I used to ask.  The answers I received usually went something like this:  “prayer changes things, prayer is powerful, or prayer moves the hand of God.”  Those old clichés sound great but they still did not answer the question.

The answer was revealed when I learned about our covenant relationship with God.  Through that covenant, He delegated His authority on this earth to man.  Believers became His ambassadors on earth whether they understood it or not.

Amazingly, God has faith in us; He believes and expects that we will work in concert with Him to establish His purposes and plans for our life and to help meet the needs of others (intercession).

We tap into His knowledge, understanding and wisdom through His Word.  He speaks to us or impresses in our minds His will and purpose while we pray (it never contradicts His written Word).  We then use our authority to release His power to bring that into manifestation.  In essence, we become the voice of His Word on the earth.  Wow!

There is certainly much more to prayer than what I have written here.  But I hope this will cause you to think and see it in a new light.  To learn more please order my book, If God Is In Control, Then Why?  In it, you will learn about our covenant with God and much more about how and why we pray.


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