104304359_Ashampoo_Snap_20130823_03h01m15s_052_Sometime in the early nineteen hundreds, a passenger ship docked at Ellis Island. For thousands emigrating from Europe it was the place they would take their first steps on American soil.

Aboard that ship was a young man who longed to come to America and experience the freedom and opportunity it offered. But he knew he could never afford the fair, until one day, a friend who knew his deepest desire, provided him with a ticket at no charge.

Day after day aboard the ship he made his way to the main deck. There he walked slowly by the dining hall peering through the glass doors at the people enjoying 7 course meals. “Oh how I wish I had the money to at least enjoy a little of that incredible food,” he thought.

As the ship tied up to the dock, one of the stewards struck up a conversation. “Well sir, how have you enjoyed the trip on this fine ship,” he asked.

“It was wonderful,” he answered, ” The only thing I regret is that I didn’t have enough money to eat any of that fine food in the dining hall.”

The steward looked a little puzzled, and said, “Sir, didn’t you realize that your ticket included all the meals?”

You might be thinking, “How could this man not have known what was available to him? Didn’t he read about what the shipping company promised to provide as part of the purchased price of his ticket?”

Well, if that’s what you think, don’t be too quick to judge. Many believers are in the same boat peering through the windows. They have accepted the free gift of salvation that was given through Jesus Christ, but they have never learned what was included in the price. That agreement is called the New Covenant and it comes loaded with benefits.


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